Mortal Kombat X – Explore about combos and usage at the battles

So the Mortal Kombat X finally arrives with the most amazing visual graphics ever used in any game. The developers have worked a lot to make such kind of graphics in the game. Mortal Kombat X is now one the top-ranked game which has the best gameplay alongside the graphics. In new Mortal Kombat, some new players have been added that no one has seen before. In order to get new characters, players can use Mk hack to unlock special characters in the beginning.

Know some new and improved combos

v  If you have played mortal Kombat than you already know that it has very great importance of combos in the game.

v  Combos are extra attacks that a player a perfect while attacking the opponent with a combination of command.

v  With the help of combos, the user can deal serious damage to the opponent without getting single damage on them.

v  Many players don’t have combos, they have ordinary attacks, but their attacks are powerful and fast. 

v  Every character has some different kind of element powers which they can use while fighting.

Playing without knowing the skills of character is useless because if you’re not using their special attacks. Your character is not going to win the match, and you will end up losing the match without using combo attacks. You can also use weapons that also help in the match. Weapons are powerful, and you can attack them from a far distance. Having long weapons has the advantage to attack from a distance, and you can get extra weapons from Mk hack to get special kind of weapons.

However, Mortal Kombat X is the best game, if you have any query you check above to read and know about it.

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Top 2 Tips and Strategies Every Player Should Know in Strike Force!

In Marvel Strike Force you will be assembling an excellent team of villains and superheroes to save the planet. There are many characters available in the strike force, each with their strengths and weakness. With more and more powerful characters, you can build the ultimate team.

Moreover, you can play the game on two platforms, namely Android and iOS devices, because it runs very smoothly or without any problem. Make sure, if you want to face your enemies easily, then you can take help from strike force cheats.

2 Essential Tips and Tricks!

Before playing the game, you have to know sufficient knowledge about the Marvel Strike Force. Without any delay of time, let’s discuss all prominent points in further paragraphs.

1. Complete Your Everyday Missions!

Once you start the game, you will need a lot of resources. As soon as you complete the daily missions, you can get rewards and bonuses, which include gold and character shards. The rewards will help the players to reach higher levels in the game. Without the missions, your progress may quite difficult for the users.

2. Gather More Characters!

You can unlock the villain or a new hero by collecting more shards. There are several ways for players to gather character shards. One of the best ways to unlock several heroes as you go through the campaign missions. If you want to build an excellent team or get unlimited resources, then you can use strike force cheats with minimal efforts.

Final Words

Conclusion, these things, as mentioned earlier, helps the players to defeat their enemies with a better team easily. Finally, gamers have to pay attention to the earning process because it will need you to buy any items in the game.

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4 Perfect Tips to Improve Your Skills in Episode- Choose Your Story


People are spending free time with many amazing games, and if you are one of them then you can try with Episode- Choose Your Story. The game is all about virtual life, and it is simulator based. The game allows us to read and play in different stories like love, solve crime cases, comedy, and drama. Pick the right one story and start an adventurous life. Millions of online players are connected with it, and many new users are daily playing it.

For effortless play, we need some passes, and you can go with Episode passes hack.  The hack is suitable for anyone, and it is a secure way for it. For better playing, we have to go with some smart tips and tricks, and in this article, we are sharing about them.

Start with basics

Acquire some basics to perfectly survive in the game, and the players must know about controls and instructions. We do not have to skip the learning aspects of it because they are helpful for enhancing our playing skills.

Unlock more stories

A huge number of stories are present in the game, but some of them are locked for enjoying purpose. Gamers can open them by spending much time on various cool events and tasks. The currency is also a wonderful key to unlocking it.

Read and write your story

The game allows us to read the stories, and we can also write our own stories. The stories are also listed in it for many users. Choose the trending story to create and make them impressive with many unique things. Use elegant Avatar for it and for that the players have to style his heroes.

Learn the uses of currency

The currency collection is not easy to access for all the players, but you can make it handy by learning well. The players get the right amount of it in the beginning, and after that, you have to do much effort. Gems and passes are vital for it, and Episode passes hack is the quickest way to earn both.

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Fine Tips and Tricks of Home Street

One should know that to play Home Street they require good attention of the players. To make quick progress in the game one has to regularly start crafting the things. Unlike all other simulation based games, one has know properly that how to craft more and more things in it. It is because by crafting more and more items one can simply become able to unlock more missions and objectives in it.

Another major aspect on which gamers need to pay attention is that they should find a perfect neighborhood. After finding the best neighborhood, they have to make their relationship strong enough by helping them properly. Now, the main thing which they should know is that in the game there are two main types of currency and that are coins and gems. It is necessary for the gamers to earn currency in good amount to play the game properly.

Tips and tricks

One should know that they simply make use of Home Street tips and tricks to make quick progress in Home Street. Some of the main tips and tricks re as follows –

  • Players have to know that they can go far in Home Street by using Home Street Cheats and hacks in it.
  • They also have to complete more numbers of events and objectives in the game to earn everything in it.
  • Not only is this, one should have to start crafting lots of things and items in it to go far in Home Street.

So, they have to know that by making the use of Home Street tips and tricks you can simply go ahead in it. Also, by using these tips you easily go ahead in Home Street and also one can become the best player in Home Street.

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Pop Slots – Focus on 2 Main Aspects!


If you are in search of the best and top-class casino based games, then there is no need to look here and there anymore. It is because here you are going to meet with the best and top-class game which is recently launched by PlayStudios. The same game deals in an in-app purchases feature. It is the best option to get everything which is present in Pop Slots. The main thing is that to make use of the same feature, players of Pop Slots requires a sufficient amount of currency.

Earn Currency in Pop Slots

Well, to get the best experience by playing the same game, one has to pay close attention to the same aspects which are described here. All players or you can say users of Pop Slots need to know that in it there are two main types of currency which are in the form of coins and chips. Earning both of them insignificant for the gamers. With the help of in-game currency, players simply become able to play all types mini-games as well as pokies games in Pop Slots.

Features of Pop Slots

The second most important aspect of the game on which players need to pay attention before playing is all its features. In it, there are numerous features present. Therefore, before going to start playing the game i.e., Pop Slots, they must learn all the significant features properly. The main features which are present in the game are like various types of pokies games; it includes exclusive bonuses and rewards in it, two main types of in-game currency and many more things also.

Among all these things, one of the best and main is that players in it simply make use of Pop Slots Hack to get everything they want in good amount. With the help of it, players easily get all things like rewards, jackpots, and currency in both types and many more things also which they require while playing Pop Slots.

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Guns of Glory – construct own castle and strategies to win

Guns of Glory – construct own castle and strategies to win

Well, the players the globe who like to play shooting and battle games can enjoy and play the game of Guns of Glory. Here player can play this game after downloading for free, by joining a team of players. This game provides multiplayer RTS gameplay to have fun. Player has to kill the enemies of the game of Guns of Glory.

Guns of Glory player has to merge with three famous Musketeers, slay ferocious beasts, and form his own magnificent castle, and make airship of unstopping capability as well as ally with friends to shoot down the foes.

Features of Guns of Glory game

  • The game of Guns of Glory has many unique features for the player to play such as:
    • Player of the game has to develop an army and has to train them. This army consists of loyal Musketeers and player has to manage his resources, make traps and raid his enemies.
    • Player of this game may have his own deadly aircraft which is more advanced to attack on his foes.
    • Guns of Glory multiplayer RPG and RTS gameplay are richer than previous version of the game and there it was not possible to make friends of the world.
    • Awesome game play and graphics of the game with beautiful landscapes are fully loaded with action. Player has to use his talent to make strong strategies for playing this game.
    • Guns of Glory game strategies MMORPG gameplay allows its player to make his airship, troops, Estate, buildings, equipments and so on.
    • Player of it can make his own way to ensure his chances of victory.

Building Empire in it

Player of the game should construct a glorious robust Estate and should be the master of a range of devastating skills and with arms and ammunitions ensure his survival in the game. in this game you may also make your name and fame both and show it off to the other thousands of player of the world in the game of Guns of Glory.

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Hill Climb Racing 2 game of vehicles of variety, coins and gold

Hill Climb Racing 2 game of vehicles of variety, coins and gold

The racing lover of the game are very well familiar with the game of Hill Climb Racing 2 game. it is one of the most addictive and much entertining game. the game play and graphics of the game are so luring to the player that when playing they can glued to it for hours and hours of the day.

What player has to do is that they just have to download and enjoy the different modes and levels of the game with differernt vehicles provided to the player. not this only player can also utilize Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats to update and unlock more vehicles in the game.

Features of the game to be familiar with

  • Player should know the completely so that when playing the game player does not face any difficulty. These features are:
    • First, lots of vehicles are there in the game to choose from such as trucks, bikes, cars, tanks and so on.
    • Secnond, player is able to play more than 27 levels and over 28 vehicles of different quality.
    • Third, player may also build his own garage with various types of vehicles.
    • Next, player can share his memories of game events and records on social net working sites such as Facebook.
    • Different stages of Hill Climb Racing 2 game are also quite interesting for player to play which are countryside, desert, snow, ice Acrtic and many more in game.

How to get more score and gold and coins

The player of the game has to perform many stunts if he is able to do so. By doing so player gets some or the other kinds of rewards in the form of gold and coins which are the main game funds to play further. Difficult aerial stunts and Hill Climb Racing Cheats are help full in getting great score in the game.

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