(Left to Right)Mrs. Bouffant, Mr. Beauregard, Rex, Maui, Josh, Judge Marty, Sandy, Todd, Mr. Micheals, Zack, Coach Bob, Casey, Scotty, Uncle Steve, Vayda, Mowbot, Aunt Tammy, Nub, Moose, Jenny, Waffles, Booda, Minionbot, Grandpa, Clem, Mr. Hitten, President Gripp.


CASEY is a twelve-year-old 7th grader who attends Andbait Middle School.  Casey is our everyman who hates school, loves to torture his teachers and principal and especially Coach Bob, loves to hang out with his friends, and oh yeah, has a really cool spaceship that he takes on adventures all over the galaxy.  He has passed on the position of Captain so that he can be the one to fly the ship and go on away missions, but still claims ownership.  He is constantly chased by an evil lawnmowing robot that he built to mow the yard once, and by a ‘cootie-infested girl’ named Vayda who wants to marry him one day.

SCOTTY is a mixed breed dog of unknown decent who is Casey’s best friend and sidekick on numerous adventures.  Scotty is loyal and smart and often is the voice of reason when Casey decides to do something questionable.  Scotty’s position on the spaceship is tactical officer, and although destruction is not his favorite thing, he will admit to learning to love blowing up the ship of a certain evil lawnmowing robot.   He enjoys beef jerky and can often be found hanging out with the gang at school as well.  He was once recruited to play football for the Andbait Catfish, but his choice of beverage container got him kicked off the team.

NUB is an overweight rottweiler who loves to eat anything and everything but REALLY enjoys anything dipped in gravy.  In fact, he’d rather just have a bowl of gravy over just about anything else.  Although he seems a little dumb at times, he is the wise old man of the bunch, often seeing things as they are and looking for the best qualities in people and other animals.  He seems to be happiest when sleeping on his back getting ‘belly rubs’ and unhappiest when he’s eaten something he cannot digest (like kitchen tiles).  He serves as mechanic on the ship but often takes extravehicular trips to relieve himself in the vacuum of space. 

VAYDA is a twelve year old girl who Casey has determined is likely Satan in disguise, or possibly an evil brain sucking alien.  In reality, she has decided that she is Casey’s girlfriend and often demands he take her to movies and talk to her on the phone.  From time to time, she is allowed on the ship, but in some cases, she tends to decorate the bridge, which leads to issues.  Vayda is a cheerleader, but she rarely cheers for anyone other than Casey.  Her official rank on the ship is unknown, but, she lists herself as ‘Ship’s Fun Director’ on any paperwork she may have to complete.


ZACK is the nickname given to Charles Micheal Zacatecas III .  Zack is Casey’s best HUMAN friend.  Although he is slightly younger than Casey, he is the Captain of the ship and often the reason why Casey’s turns in his homework.  Zack enjoys the ‘Joey and Aaron movies and prides himself on being able to quote lines from many, many movies.  He is smart and is a pretty good baseball player.  Zack has a girlfriend named Sandy who is always trying to get him to set Casey and Vayda up, although, he has refused to do so to this point.

BOODA is Casey’s cat who often gets blamed for things that happen that are ‘catlike’ in nature, like dead mice, but is rarely the cause of.   Booda cannot resist the mysterious red bug that seems to only appear when Casey is around.  Although Booda does not have an official position on the ship, she hopes one day to be recruited.  Although Scotty and Nub are not happy with a cat as part of the family, they have decided that she gives a pretty good belly rub, and have allow her to stay.


MOOSE is Casey’s dad who works for a large software company called TechnoFarbleCo.  He is addicted to fast food from his favorite burger joint, DroppaBurger.  Although he works from home, he puts in long hours and rarely gets any sleep.  He is on a constant diet that never seems to work and his only solace is the love of a beautiful woman, and having an overweight Rottweiler who looks just like him.  Moose enjoys driving his truck ‘Old Red’ and is deathly afraid for anyone else to be near it. 

JENNY is Casey’s mom and Moose’s wife.  Although she is sweet and kind, when she gets behind the wheel of her car, she turns into a stock car driver/stuntwoman and woe is the person who gets in her way when she’s got ice cream in the trunk.  Scotty loves Jenny, but is wary of her because he can never tell when she might grab him for a bath.  Jenny also tends to suggest fun things for Casey to do when he is bored, and does her best to keep Moose on his many diets.



COACH BOB is the boys baseball and football coach, as well as their History teacher.  He has a playbook with exactly four plays in it, and has taken the Andbait Catfish to the playoffs on several occasions.  Coach Bob is often the recipient of Casey’s science experiments, and the hero in many of his stories, including the one where he traveled back in time, drove his school bus into the Alamo and saved Jim Bowie.  Coach Bob is one of the few adults to ride aboard the USS Quisenberry, and he often asks the boys to hide his truck on an asteroid after a football game loss to avoid vandalism by angry townfolk.  Coach Bob believes that you can solve any problem or cure any illness with a good application of dirt.

MR. MICHEALS is the principal of Andbait Middle School and Moose’s best friend from childhood.  He has been covered in mud by Casey, and rarely has a quiet day at school.  He also announces the Middle School football games, along with Moose, providing color commentary and information to the fans.  Mr. Micheals is proud of a clean school, and nothing makes him angrier than litterbugs.  Casey spends an awful lot of time in Mr. Micheals office.

MOWBOT is a robot that Casey built from an old pushmower, a trashcan and a bunch of old computer parts so that he would not have to mow the lawn.  Unfortunately, Mowbot found his own remote control, destroyed it and proceded to attempt to take over the world and rule the Galaxy.  Unfortunately, he’s a moron and can’t even get his own Minion robots to listen to him.  We suspect that Mowbot really just needs a hug, but he spends to much time rebuilding his ship after getting blown up by the gang, he doesn’t have time to socialize. 

MINIONBOT is one of thousands of minion robots that Mowbot bought from a second hand mechanoid dealer.  Due to an error with their reprogramming, most of them act like teenagers and would rather play Halo or check Facebook than to actually do Mowbot’s evil bidding.  Unfortunately, most of the Minionbots get blown up when the ship does, and Mowbot just gets a new batch.  However, all the Minionbot turn into teenagers for some odd reason.



The USS QUISENBERRY is a Spaceship named after the greatest submarine side-armed pitcher who ever lived, Dan Quisenberry.  It is equipped with a High-Output Quantum Drive and four laser-repeater orbital cannons.  The great mystery is whether the ship is real or that the boys simply imagine it, which is something we will never tell.

The town of ANDBAIT is a small town in East Texas and home to the gang.  Although it’s High School football program is a bit lackluster, the Fighting Catfish of Andbait Middle School led by Coach Bob, are a sight to behold.  There are many points of interest in Andbait, but if you visit Droppaburger, tell ’em MOOSE sent ya!