The USS Quisenberry is a spaceship used by Casey and Scotty and the gang in many adventures outside their hometown of Andbait.  It started out as a drawing by Casey in study hall and evolved into a powerful machine for fighting cooties-infested girls and eventually evil lawnmowing robots bent on taking over the world.

The ship is actually named after a Rottweiler named ‘Darth Quisenberry’ who we were fortunate enough to have in our lives for 10 years.  HE was named after the most awesome pitcher ever, Dan Quisenberry, actually.

From a production journal perspective, the USS Quisenberry is one part zeppelin and one part Millenium Falcon.  It’s origins go back to something my friend Micheal used to do in Study Hall using spaceships we had drawn and doing this ‘John Madden’/’Family Circus’ dotted line/story process that he would do nearly every day.  It’s hard to explain, but fairly hysterical if you were to ever see it in person. 

The spaceship was originally hand drawn, and then coverted to digital 2-D using Powerpoint, actually.  It flew in this form until about 2008 when we started using Anim8or to get a better angle and InkSpace to make it look more 2-D to match the rest of the strip. 

It has been nearly destroyed several times, but manages to come back better than before in most cases. 

The ship itself is part of an overall fleet, although other ships have not been prominently featured in the strip.  As a vehicle, it possesses a High Output Quantum Engine, capable of breaking the light barrier in short bursts with relatively small amounts of energy.  It uses retractable landing gear which double as ‘legs’ during particularly quick or bumpy landings.  It possesses a thick energy sheild which can withstand bombardment of several types of weapons for short periods of time.  It also carries four orbital ‘Blorp’ laser cannons, and several other weapons like ‘Black Hole in a Drum’, which can be used in emergencies.

It is small in comparison to the M-1, Mowbot’s ship, but is much more maneuverable, which comes in handy against the heavy firepower of the M-1.

Although Zack is Captain, Casey and Scotty are credited with being the owners of the ship, and the reason Casey is not captain is so he can go on cool away missions’.  Nub and Vayda are also members of the crew, and from time to time, Josh and Todd have been on board.  Maui sometimes joins the gang on adventures and takes over as pilot when Casey is away.  Automaton Tom has made a few runs on the ship as well.

Inside the framework of the strip, only two adults have any memory of the ship.  Uncle Steve has been known to install an airhorn on the ship from time to time without wearing the ‘Helmet of Forgetfulness’ and Coach Bob often has the boys hide his truck on the random asteroid to avoid having angry fans trash it after a loss. 

Whether the ship is real or imaginary is unknown.