CASEY AND SCOTTY is the story of a boy, his dog and a spaceship.

It takes place in the small town of Andbait, and is centered around a 12 year old 7th grader named Casey, and his mixed breed dog, Scotty.  Casey lives with his parents, Moose ane Jenny, and attends Andbait Junior High.  Casey sometimes has adventures in space with the help of his friend, Zack, his cat, Booda, an overweight Rottweiler named Nub, and sometimes even his Grandpa.  Oh, yeah, and a stinky girl named Vayda.  At other times, the story takes place at school, with Coach Bob, the history teacher, and Mr. Micheals, the principal.  

Casey and Scotty often face off the their arch-nemesis, an evil robot made out of lawnmower parts, named Mowbot, and his follwers, the MinionBots. 

The origins of CASEY AND SCOTTY are no big secret. I credit my best friend Micheal, who used to take spaceship drawings me and my other friends had made in 7th grade study hall, and do this ‘John Madden’ playbook story telling thing where he’d draw lines and tell what each persons ship was doing before it finally exploded. It’s hard to explain unless you were there, but it was hysterical. The main thing that remains is that Micheal, who was and still is rotund, always had a blimp shaped ship. This, with a little help from the Millenium Falcon, became the USS Quisenberry.  And of course, Micheal became ‘Mr. Micheals’ in the strip.