2003 – Scott draws a strip to be called ‘Shaggy and Moose’ that features a small boy with spiky hair.  Although only a few Shaggy and Moose strips were ever drawn, the boy and dog from the strip went on to become Casey and Scotty.

2004 – The ‘Beta’ days of Casey and Scotty took place in Fall 2004.  Comics were drawn by Scott and inked by Casey.  We scanned in the drawings with an old Mustek scanner, and then added the callouts and text with MSPaint.  Scotty was a black Scottish Terrier originally, and the strip was grayscale.

2005 – The official launch of caseyandscottycomic.com happened in January 2005.  The spaceship was introduced, along with slight changes to the style.  The strip stayed grayscale until September of 2005, and went full color thereafter.  We started using WalrusPHP to drive the site.  The ‘Green Planet’ was introduced into the logo.  Scotty became a mutt.

2006 – Casey and Scotty began using the ‘scottthemoose’ font created from Scott’s  handwriting, and was fully drawn and colored with MSPowerpoint.  The strip was daily for a couple of months, and settled into a Monday, Wednesday, Friday slot before end of year.  The strip also went from 750×250 to 900×300 in size.

2007 – Character sets changed a great deal and a standard ‘primer’ was created for each of the characters to make sure the style was consistent.  When ‘Toyzville’ by Larry Merrill ended, we asked if we could borrow the character of Automaton Tom, which Larry was happy to let us do.  For a time in 2007, the strip was published Monday through Friday.

2008 – We began using Anim8or to render the USS Quisenberry and created a standard color scheme for the strip.  The strip went from 900×300 to 900×400 in size.  The first animation of Casey and Scotty was created and posted to the internet.  “Intergalactic Weenie Roast”, the first Casey and Scotty printed compilation, was published on Lulu in November 2008.  The Jenny and Vayda character sets were improved.  “Hamster on a Piano”, the song, was created by Parry Gripp and soon after, a Casey and Scotty comic with Nub eating the hamster was produced.  The link from Parry song gave us the biggest spike in visits ever.  THANKS PARRY!!!!  The green planet was replaced in the logo with the spaceship.

2009 – A computer hard drive crash left us without primer drawings and we had to recreate them all.  This resulted in a small hiatus in early spring.  In addition to the standard font, standard colors, and 3D rendering of the ships in space.  Mowbot became the first character to be ‘drawn’ with Anim8or.   After Casey’s beloved Uncle Steve was diagnosed with brain cancer, we went on our longest hiatus.  During the hiatus, we lost Steve, Scott’s grandmother Javon, and the mighty Quiz.  Quiz’s comic counterpart, Nub, however, remains part of the strip forever.

2010 – Casey and Scotty returns from hiatus in May 2010.  On the day the real Casey graduates from High School, the 500th Casey and Scotty comic is published and features a visit from an 18 year old Casey from the ‘future’.  A new character set is created and the recurring characters are taken down to 5.  Casey and Scotty is updated Saturday or ‘as often on Saturday as we can without having to go on hiatus again!’

2011 – Casey and Scotty celebrate a solid year back from Hiatus in May.  Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages are added.  Antithesis Art begins including Casey and Scotty.