Hey Gang – Well, for those of you who patiently waited through the Montherboard Crash of Early ’08, you will understand my continued string of bad luck with my PC.  The HP Pavilion that I purchased in ’07 has had nothing but gut wrenching issues since I pulled it out of the box.

So, it is with a heavy heart and empty wallet that I tell you that, on December 26th, my hard drive bought the farm, HARD.  Merry Christmas to ME!  Not only did I lose all the Primer work and background art for Casey and Scotty and EVERYTHING for Dub, I lost ll of the images I was going to use for a cool new website look for 2009.  I had been working on that for six weeks.

I also lost the PDF that was my book, although, since it is published I don’t need it anymore, even though I would like to have kept it.  Lost ALL of my art software too.

Not to mention pics, music, and pretty much my whole life on this little Seagate 200 MB Hard drive.

So, what have we learned, kiddos?

A.  Never buy a computer from Wally World.

B.  If you are an artist, buy a backup drive of some type.


Once I get a planned surgery in January out of the way, and I can scrape up a few bucks for either another hard drive, or, a new computer, I’ll start posting new strips again.

Sorry about my bad luck folks.