If you go back and look at a lot of the strips set in space, most of the time, I’ll draw the crew in the window, or, the dogs will be sitting on the ship, or something like that.  I rarely have four panels with nothing but the ship.  However, after I worked on the wallpaper for Webcomics Inc two weekends back, I had drawn some really nice angles that I didn’t use.  I watched Wall-E for the first time that night as well (and it was AWESOME!), which inspired me to draw some space strips!  So, I drew a couple more, and before I knew it, I had a whole strip from the outside of the ship.  Now, I probably could have shown Zack in the space latrine, but, you don’t really need to see that to get the point across (if you want to read a strip where the main character is on the toilet, check out LAST MONDAY’s DUB strip!). 

A little special effects note, I drew the ship angles using Anim8or software (which gives a GREAT perspective camera angle on the ship!), and then drew a flat starfield and used the layer rotate function in Paint.NET to get the stars pointing in the right direction.  I think it came together in a really cool way.  This leaves the ONLY thing in the whole strip that differs from every other object I draw, which is the green glow of the engines.  And, I’m stuck with that forever and always simply because it appears this way on the cover of Intergalactic Weenie Roast.  It is one of the only things you see without an outline drawn around it.

One other thing.  You will notice the mention of ‘Schonfeld-Holt’ Warpways in this strip, which are pretty much tollways in space that the guys use to get around quickly.  The name is derived from the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, but is named after two friends and readers of the strip, Lonny Schonfeld, and James Holt.

CASEY:  First Officers Log:  After taking the Schonfeld-Holt Warpway toward the Capital Planet of Farblewarfos, the USS Quisenberry finds itself heading back toward earth at top speed.

CASEY:  Although our second officer who is in charge of stocking the ship usually does a great job.  His recent forgetfulness has left our Captain stranded.

CASEY:  This time he has forgotten to pack one of the most important, most vital pieces of equipment for a long trip on the warpway.

CASEY: Toilet paper.