This strip features the return of two minor characters, Todd and Josh.  Todd and Josh were in the strip VERY early on, and usually appeared in Baseball team and classroom shots in the background.  Josh actually had a couple of lines when he was trying out for the position of ‘Lower Class Red Shirt Guy’ on the ship, but he is best know as the alter ego of ‘The Human Stump’, which was a strip Casey was working on once that never really got off the ground.  You will begin to see a little more of them going forward, and probably more of Sandy, Vayda’s blonde friend, because I want to get the kids in the strip more often. 

Also, I had been trying to figure out how to get the boys into space more once upon a time, and it occurred to me that there was probably a President of the Galaxy out there somewhere, and because Casey and the gang are members of the ‘United Federation of Good Guys’ or UFOGG (a throwback to the old Galactic Map that was published once upon a time, but lost in a hard drive crash), they probably know the President because they have stopped Mowbot from taking over so many times.  Anyway, as part of my thanks to our new friend Parry Gripp, I decided that he should be the model for Mr. President.  Now, of course, he’s wearing his HUMAN SUIT in this strip, but you just KNOW he’s an alien underneath.

President Gripp in Disguise from Scott Tapp on Vimeo.

Quick reference to Chuck ‘Diesel’ Darth, who is of course my friend Charles, bear of a human being, and one HECK of a hip hop dancer!

TODD:  I hope you brought something good for show and tell, Casey

TODD:  I brought a game football signed by Chuck ‘Diesel’ Darth

CASEY:  That is pretty cool, Todd.  I guess I’ll just have to make due.

CASEY: (Standing in front of Galactic President Gripp) Oh, have you guys met the leader of the Galaxy, President Gripp?
PRESIDENT GRIPP:  Hi, kids.  Stay in School!!