In the real world, Casey’s football team is 3-0 for the season!  But, he got injured Thursday night, somebody stepped on his hand.  He came out of the game but they still won 40-14!

As usual, this strip is firmly grounded in reality.  Casey has a love/hate relationship with the things I shout from the stands.  On a good night, when there is some momentum, he loves to hear me yell from the stands. However, at the same time, he is slightly embarrassed by this.  But, hey, I’m a FAN.  I like to holler!

In U.S.S. Quisenberry News, I have been slowly working on something I think is really cool.  After watching the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars Series, I was jealous of the 3D turned 2D modeling that they did with the spaceships.  It gave that ‘feel’ of 3D, but still had that trademark outline.  Although I’d never compare myself to GT’s genius, I started researching how to pull this off with the Quisenberry, and I finally was able to do it.

It’s a little smoke and mirrors, but I used Anim8or, which is a pretty popular piece of 3D animation software that is free for download from the Anim8or site, to render the Quisenberry in 3D, while maintaining the look and feel of the ‘Casey and Scotty’ style.  I also have been able to draw topographic flat maps for planets and moons and render those as well (the Earth and Moon in this image is an eample of this).  I’m currently working on the famous ‘Outpost Joe’ space station model, and have made a pretty good dent in Mowbots ship, the M1.  My hope is that I’ll be able to actually put together some nice large battle strips in the near future.


MR. MICHEALS (over the loudspeakers): And with only one minute left to play, the Catfish are trailing the Terrapins by three points.

MR. MICHEALS:  Man, we really need to cause a fumpble and get the ball back.  Too bad we Can’t plant a subliminal message or something.

MOOSE: Get me the BALL, Casey!!!!

MR. MICHEALS:  I’m not sure you understand the meaning of SUBLIMINAL.

MOOSE: Sure, I do, but what does GOING UNDERWATER have to do with causing a fumble?