I just read online that Bill Melendez, animator of Peanuts as well as so many other popular animated films, passed away on September 4th.

It hits me especially hard since he was the voice of Snoopy. 

I’m not sure I can express my sadness in words, so as usual, I turn to drawing. 

UPDATE(9:55 Saturday Morning) – Of course, I always load the news for the strips a couple of days early, so I posted this sad news above, and then earlier this morning, my wife got a call that her Aunt Bee passed away.  Aunt Bee was a sweet lady and we will miss her. 

In regards to this weeks comic.  When I was growing up, we had a front yard full of Oak trees.  But for some strange reason, we played football there anyhow.  Usually there were 3 or 4 kids on each side, and my dog, Grizzly.  Grizzly was a ‘Lassie-Style’ Rough Collie.   He eventually learned to catch a Nerf football, but he was better at defense, as he’d pounce on anybody with the football.  Usually this escalated into ‘Tackle the Man with the Ball’, and the fun part was when Grizzly got the ball and would run circles around us.  He was awesome!


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With all the election coverage lately, you’d think I might make a comment or two about the candidates.  Uh, okay.  I have made a decision on the person I am voting for.  After careful consideration, and painstaking research, I have finally decided:  Hastings Kilgore.

Check out Hastings’ campaign coverage over at Ugly Hill, by Paul Southworth.







(Casey jumps for the football)

(Casey catches the football and takes off running)


AUTOMATON TOM:  Yes, Maui.  TACKLE THE MAN is a very odd Earth Tradition