Around here, the first week of school was actually a pretty good one.  Casey’s playing football and they won on Thursday night, so that’s always a good way to start the year off.

Got a nice email last week from Mike Witmer, creator of Pinkerton, one of our favorite comics.  Be sure and check out Pinkerton if you haven’t already.

You know I’m a fan since he has a MOOSE in the strip!!!!! 



Also got some nice pub from Delos Woodruff, creator of The Frog Pond : linked here saying, “This week is absolutely unbelievable with the amou …”


We created some ‘trading cards’ in Chuck Norris Style for our good friend, Josh ‘Fluff’ Wortham, while the strip was on hiatus last year.  I’ll be sharing one of those each day on the ‘Dub’ site in the news section for the next few weeks, so check them out.  Trivia note:  from time to time in the strip, you will see a poster in the background that says ‘The Human Stump’ and a rotund boy in some of the ‘recruit’ strips with a dart stuck to his forehead.  Both of these characters are based on our good buddy Josh.




Netflix is awesome.  We started using Netflix and I stumbled across a movie I’d nearly forgotten about, RocketMan!  Casey and I went to see this when he was about 6 years old at the movies, and it is as funny as I remember it. “Fun is my Chinese neighbor’s middle name!!!”  If you have the chance to pick this up on DVD, it’s a fun movie for all ages.  Lots of slapstick and fart jokes.

Have a GREAT week!







SCOTTY:  So, how was the first week back from summer vacation?
CASEY:  It was cool, dude.

SCOTTY:  Wait, you are kidding, right?
CASEY:  Self-hypnosis.  I put myself in a trance all week.

(Scotty looks confused)

SCOTTY:  So, you just slept in your classes all week?
CASEY:  Now, I just gotta hypnotize Mom and Dad before they read the note.