Hey gang!  It’s been a hectic week this week.  Lots of rain in this part of the world right now. 

A Little Pub!
Nice to have a little pub from some Webcomic Legends!  

  • The Boids! linked here saying, “Whew, – Boid’s giving it everything he’s got! …”
  • Dog eat Doug Comic linked here saying, “Casey and Scotty Very happy that this strip is com …”


Larry Merrill and Steve Campbell (The Boids, Toyzville, Every Nine Minutes, TSOALR) and Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Doug, The Conjurers) are really cool guys and have created some of the greatest strips you will ever read.  They have always been big supporters of Casey and Scotty, so be sure and visit these guys often.


About Page
We have updated the About link with some ancient ‘Shaggy and Moose’ strips.  Although there is a mention for ‘Time Out For School’, my first strip, I have not been able to find hardcopies in storage to scan.  My old buddy James brought me a few old ‘Wildcat Times’ that contained the strips, but I have managed to put these in a safe place and now I cannot remember where that safe place is.  Oh well, the About Link is up to date anyway.

Bios Page
We updated the Bios link this weekend as well.  I’ll bet you didn’t know I rocked the mariachi, too.

Cast Page
Although the verbiage is complete on the Cast Page, I’m still working on the individual images.  Not hard to do, just haven’t had the time this week.  Stay tuned for those.

If Moose Ran the Olympics
I have been watching the Olympics.  Although I think there are some obvious sports missing, like American Football, and Sumo Wrestling, there are a few others that are missing that old Moose thinks would fit nicely.

Track and Field
– Full Contact/No Pads Front Yard Football
– Jarts (aka – Lawn Darts)
– Mud Volleyball
– Belching
– Cow Tippin’

Water Sports
– Marco Polo
– Bellybusting
– Tubing
– Holding Your Breath Under Water
– Cannonball

Indoor Sports/Gymnastics
Whirlyball (Greatest sport for a fat man, EVER)
– Mooning
– Ro Sham Bo (aka Rock, Paper, Scissors)
– DodgeBall

Now, if GRANDPA ran the olympics, it would be a different story.  Obvious ones would be stuff like Bocce Ball, Horseshoes (which would be AWESOME), and Shuffleboard.  The events Grandpa would include:

-Finding a Parking Space (Musical Cars)
-Farts (Actually, I’d sign up for this and I’m 38)
-Stomping Flaming Bags of Dog Poo on the Front Porch
-Power Napping
-Square Dancing
-Working the Remote
-Running Kids Off Your Property


CASEY:  Oh, crap!

CASEY:  Did anyone remember to bring the mustard?!?