Greetings gang!   Got some inspiration for this weeks strip by a real life event.  It seems that, no matter how hard Casey tries, he just cannot keep a cell phone intact for more than a few weeks.  They don’t make them like they used to.  Even a small drop results in the breakage of the flimsy little screens. 

I want a metal phone with a rubber bumper all the way around it.  It doesn’t need to flip, it doesn’t need to slide.  It just needs to dial.  And oh, WHY THE HECK can’t these cell phone makers follow the old Tube TV process and put another piece of plastic or glass outside the actual LCD window?

My parents had the same telephone from the time I was born until I was 21 years old.  It was one of those pink/beige Ma Bell jobs, and it got dropped, banged around, struck by lightning and had more drinks spilled on it than I can count.  I’ll bet, whereever it is, it still works!

And heck yes, I’d carry that 10 pound monster around with me if I could.  Just as long as it didn’t crush the screen when I accidentally bump it in my pocket or drop it a couple feet.

I went to see the CLONE WARS yesterday.

Okay, okay.  I’ve read the reviews and all the stuff on these critic sites.  Fellas, come on.  You are totally missing the point.  These guys that made The Clone Wars didn’t do it for YOU, they did it for THEM, and people like ME.  Just because you are not 7 years old and it’s not 1977 doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the movie for what it is.  It’s lightsabres and laser battles from start to finish.  There’s like 2 minutes of the WHOLE movie that covers all the exposition you need, and the rest is just pure shoot ’em up.

It’s better than Episodes 1,2 and 6 for certain, and if it had happened to have a Wookiee in it, it would have been better than Episode 3 too.  I love all six episodes, mind you.  I love the Genndy Tartakovsky cartoons, I love the Ewoks Adventures, Droids and Ewoks cartoons, the Christmas Special, and even an LP I have around here somewhere entitled “Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell“.  But, for a couple of hours, I was 7 in 1977 again. 

Be a bitter adult if you want, but I’ll be watching every single episode of this thing like it was Star Trek: TNG all over again.  I’ll have to get more memory on the DVR.

So, George, how about that additional live action series about the adventures of a young Han Solo and Chewbacca prior to the events of Episode 4?  Oh, yeah, we KNOW already, so quit wasting time.  I’m sure, Sir Lucas, that you know what I know, what people like Joss Whedon and the guys who made Star Trek: TNG know.  Han Solo(Riker/Mal) + Chewbacca(Worf/Jayne) + Millenium Falcon(The Enterprise/Serenity) + traveling from place to place = Awesome TV Series. 

Just DO IT, man.



CASEY:  Mom, Can I get a new cell phone?  The have a new one with Wi-Fi and instant video and super kung-fu grip!!!

JENNY:  What’s wrong with the cell phone you have?
CASEY:  It doesn’t work right

JENNY:  Let me see it.  Maybe I can fix it for you
CASEY:  I seriously doubt it

JENNY:  What did you do to this?!?
CASEY:  I dropped it in the lake and dried it off in the microwave