Well, it appears that Yahoo Small Business is NEVER going to fix whatever is going on with the 148Studios site, so I guess I’ll post some production entries here. 

I recently drew a poster for a local theatre as they are doing ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’, and it made me question what the guys in Casey and Scotty might be like in a ‘Peanuts’ style strip.  Well, as you can see, they are not really enthusiastic about it. 

Also, when I actually drew them in character, I realized, maybe for the first time in my life, that not only was Charlie Brown bald, but Linus was really thinning.  I then realized that a good many of the men in Casey and Scotty are also bald.

My conclusion is, a lot of cartoonists either don’t like to draw hair, or are bald themselves, leading them to favor drawing bald characters.  On further review, I realized that about half of my friends are bald.  So maybe it’s just a numbers game.  Either way, Casey looks creepy as Linus.

Also, I realize that Linus and Charlie Brown are on opposite sides at times, but hey, it’s how I remember it!