So, of course, in real life, I sold Old Red right after I got out of high school.  I have very few regrets in life.  I have been a very fortunate guy, all things considered, and I have no room to complain.  However, if I had it to do all over again, I would not have sold that truck.  My wife often hears me whine about how much I miss Old Red.  She bought me a painting of Old Red, which hangs over our bed.  Not sure many wives would allow that. 

But this last weekend, she actually allowed me to purchase a tailgate and original hubcabs from a 1966 Ford F-100 so that I can build a fold down desk on the wall of our garage that will look like the back end of Old Red sticking out of the wall.  Using the Hubcabs for light fixtures, I think. 

Anyway, again, not sure how many wives would allow their husbands to buy what most would consider ‘junk’, but bottom line, between the fact that she’s put up with me for 21+ years, and she bought me a tailgate without question, I have the greatest wife on earth.