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Hey there, friends of ‘Casey and Scotty’. From time to time, you may have noticed that a bald man, in the form of an angel, appears in ‘Casey and Scotty’. This character is based on my father-in-law, Buddy Lightfoot. 

He was an amazing guy who never met a person in life that didn’t become his friend.  We lost Buddy to Alzheimers many years ago, but his spirit lives on.  I am walking in the Dallas Walk to End Alzheimer’s on November 12th, along with my wife. 

‘Casey and Scotty’ has never ran advertisements, nor have we ever accepted donations for the strip.   We draw ‘Casey and Scotty’ because we enjoy it.  However, the walk raises money for a good cause, one that we believe in supporting, so if you can spare a buck or two, and feel like donating, click on the link to the left and you will be redirected to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s page which will allow you to donate.  You don’t send US anything, it goes directly to Alzheimer’s Associate website.

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