It has never been my intention to coach from the stands, nor do I second guess what coaches do for a living.  However, it’s been two years since this happened, and this story comes up so frequently at gatherings, I just had to write this one.  I have never screamed at my son louder without being heard in my life.  In real life, we didn’t have Coach Bob to make what is basically a simple call based on simple math.  And of course, the ball was wet, the quarterback dropped the snap, and the opposing team recovered the fumble, and scored, and we lost.

He asked me later what I was screaming at him from the stands (it was raining buckets and he could not make out what I was saying, but he knew I was saying something).  I said ‘if you had just told your quarterback to line up under the guard, and snapped the ball out of the end zone as hard as you could, you would have given them 2 points with 5 seconds left, they would have been 4 points behind still, and you would have been able to kick the ball away, and there is no way they would have been able to catch the kick, let alone run it back in the mud’.  He took about 2 seconds to do the math, and just dropped his head.  I said ‘not your fault, you are not there to make that call or do the math around it, but one of your 6 coaches might have had the presence of mind to call a time out and tell you to do it.  None of them did.