I’ll bet you guys who have us bookmarked are scratching your heads on this Saturday morning.  Usually, when old Moose decides to come back from hiatus, there’s emails that go out and something to get your attention. Not this time.  This time, Casey and Scotty comes back, once a week when possible, no apologies, no excuses. 

I made the decision that since the real Casey is graduating and his mom and I will be spending all our money for college, I needed a cheap hobby and fortunately, I already had one!

As usual, while we were away, I had the chance to do some sketchwork, and made some changes to the style of the comic.  Not sure if I’ll ever quit tweaking the look.  I think this is really because when we started, I drew in a simpler style since Casey was a little guy and it was easier for him to draw simple characters.  Now that he’s older and busy with other things, no reason I cannot go back to a style closer to the way I like to draw.  Hope everyone likes the new style.

Although I’m bringing back the main cast, and we’ll see other characters from time to time, I’m going to focus on the main five, Casey, Scotty, Zach, Vayda and Nub.   Of course, the USS Quisenberry is still an important component of the action, don’t worry.