4 Perfect Tips to Improve Your Skills in Episode- Choose Your Story


People are spending free time with many amazing games, and if you are one of them then you can try with Episode- Choose Your Story. The game is all about virtual life, and it is simulator based. The game allows us to read and play in different stories like love, solve crime cases, comedy, and drama. Pick the right one story and start an adventurous life. Millions of online players are connected with it, and many new users are daily playing it.

For effortless play, we need some passes, and you can go with Episode passes hack.  The hack is suitable for anyone, and it is a secure way for it. For better playing, we have to go with some smart tips and tricks, and in this article, we are sharing about them.

Start with basics

Acquire some basics to perfectly survive in the game, and the players must know about controls and instructions. We do not have to skip the learning aspects of it because they are helpful for enhancing our playing skills.

Unlock more stories

A huge number of stories are present in the game, but some of them are locked for enjoying purpose. Gamers can open them by spending much time on various cool events and tasks. The currency is also a wonderful key to unlocking it.

Read and write your story

The game allows us to read the stories, and we can also write our own stories. The stories are also listed in it for many users. Choose the trending story to create and make them impressive with many unique things. Use elegant Avatar for it and for that the players have to style his heroes.

Learn the uses of currency

The currency collection is not easy to access for all the players, but you can make it handy by learning well. The players get the right amount of it in the beginning, and after that, you have to do much effort. Gems and passes are vital for it, and Episode passes hack is the quickest way to earn both.

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